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27 in W x 41 in H

Water Spirits

47 in W x 55 In H

Houses on the Estuary_Full_edited.jpg

Houses on the Estuary

29 in W x 42 in H

There are birds all over my diebenkornish

53 in. w x 54 in. H



39 in w x 64 in h

The giant grain and steel mills once powered the "city of Lights" booming economy. Now no longer useful, they sit in decaying splendor near the harbor.

Hard to Soft_edited.jpg

Hard to Soft

41 in. w x 36 in. H

Da Boids


Wild Things and Random Thoughts in Imperfect Places
48 in. w x 59 in. h

Value Driven

Value Driven

42 In. W x 46 In. H

Scrunched Re-Purposed Fabrics

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